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Gila County Cattle Growers Annual Salute to Ranching

The Globe-Miami chamber’s annual Salute to Ranching was held Saturday, December 15, 2012, at the Dream Manor Inn.

Renowned Cowboy author, Joseph Paul Summers Brown regaled ranchers and chamber members with stories of his youth, many of which are embodied in the character Mikey Summers in his 2006, Arizona Historical Society celebrated novel, The World In Pancho’s Eyes.

Jim Chilton of the Chilton Ranch described his 10-year battle with the Center for Biological Diversity and other radical environmentalist groups giving graphic and photographic examples of the false information they had presented against him.  His presentation also included photos and statistics showing the constant danger ranchers and their families living near the Mexico border are in because of the uncontrolled invasion of illegal aliens and drug traffickers. The Chilton experience is the subject is of JPS Brown’s latest book which is to be released early in 2013.

Rancher of the Year

Dan Fenn

Wrangler of the Year

Steve Barker

Honored for his dedication to the ranching industry and his perseverance and leadership during years of escalating changes and ever-growing challenges.


Dan thanked the ranching industry for helping him in his start-up years explaining that the willingness of the ranching community to accept and help has been its sustaining force through the years.

Honored for his work with the Gila County Cattle growers on passage of the 2008 Farm Bill to ensure that the bill had appropriate language to continue the NRCS EQIP project.


Drafted on a napkin by Mr. Barker and David Cook, that effort resulted in more than $9 million of conservation-based rangeland improvements in Gila County.


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