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Did you know?

The US Fish and Wildlife Service Mexican Wolf reintroduction program has proposed 8 new release sites on the Tonto National Forest that surround the community of Pleasant Valley.

  • Wolves are adept at determining prey vulnerability and the human victims of predatory attacks tend to be mainly on children (Mech 1970, Linnell et al. 2002, McNay 2002a)!
  • Recent proposals by the USFWS, USDAFS, and AzGFD placed wolf release sites where it is well known that elk and deer populations are very low, and permitted cattle, including calves, horses and dogs are present.  What do you think the agencies purposefully planned to feed the wolves?
  • Wolves may attack a dog even when people are present and a wolf excited by the presence of a dog may be more likely to act aggressively toward people (ADFG 2008, McNay 2Q02b)!
  • Aggressive behaviors by wolves are often associated with habituation and food conditioning.  The wolves planned for release have been raised by humans in facilities where they .are habituated and food conditioned!

These are just four examples of facts about the Mexican wolves, as stated by the USFWS own analyses.

What You Can Do to Help?

Representative Paul Gosar sponsored Bill H.R. 2910 Mexican Wolf Transparency and Accountability Act.  This bill is currently in committee and needs our support!  This bill would ensure the United States Fish and Wildlife Service's Mexican wolf nonessential experimental population 10(j) rule has no force or effect, and for other purposes.

Please go to this link and SUPPORT this bill by entering your proxy vote!

Do not oppose, we are in SUPPORT of this bill as it opposes the wolf reintroduction!

You can find your elected officials contact information at this website.

Please call them often to remind them of your support for Congressman Gosar’s H.R. 2910 an your concern of harms to the health, safety and welfare of citizens caused by the unethical and illegal actions of the US Fish and Wildlife Service in their handling of the Mexican Wolf program.  Remind them that they neglected to analyze ALL extraordinary circumstances.

Please send an email to carrie.robbs@gmail.com to be added to the email list.

If you need assistance, please email carrie.robbs@gmail.com or ceppler59@gmail.com

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