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The Mexican Wolf Reintroduction and Release Program Expansion Coalition

We need your help . . .

Current and On-going issues:


Current genetic determinations.

  • The already established Mexican wolf program (supported by NM and AZ State Game and Fish Departments) that continues to impact our neighbors in eastern AZ and western NM.
  • Support for the wolves by deep pocketed special interest groups.
  • The people of AZ and NM are generally unaware or uneducated about the details and impacts of the wolf program.

Therefore, any effort to change the status of the reintroduction and release of Mexican wolves in Arizona and New Mexico will be a large undertaking and require much commitment.

Possible Actions:

  • Defund the Mexican wolf program [e.g., Gosar's H.R. 2910- currently in US legislative committee.] Consider this would also change NM & AzGFD's impetus to continue the program, so we must work to alter their focus and support of the program and lure to federal dollars. They have many other ways to get funding to support their salaries and other programs. Consider the burden of NM & AzGFD's causing harm to our health, safety, and welfare if they continue to support having the wolves, an apex predator and the tie to federal dollars connected to the program.]

We need to get thousands of people to call in to all Public Officials to pull this bill out of committee and back to the Legislators. An organized day or days where people call all officials can and should be done. Learn all of the impacts and extraordinary circumstances caused by the Mexican Wolf program for your talking points (We are researching and creating the talking points now.)

  • Take legal action [Even with a pro bono attorney, this requires funds and effort to compile specific laws and supporting data that provide standing against the USFWS - they do exist! And, we are gathering this information.]

Our coalition will meet with the Sporting groups and Az Attorney General to evaluate legal options.

  • Create large public outcry and protest or rally to inform and obligate the administration to change.  [Requires much effort to educate the larger population and Legislators who lack knowledge about the issues. Focus on impacts the program creates that affect everyone (not just cattlemen and sportsmen) to incite a strong emotional response. Solutions or alternatives must be developed to counter the current situation so the administration has an answer to the outcry.

Our coalition group is working to encourage a variety of groups to join in the effort.

Our coalition group is developing possible solutions and informational material to submit to the administration and provide to the public. This information will go beyond what was submitted as an alternative proposal under the EIS by the earlier coalition. The goal is to demonstrate there is new or additional information that falls under the extraordinary circumstances definition, and force the USFWS to redo or amend the existing EIS. This would also delay any permitting for release sites. New and detailed, or more site-specific information must be demonstrated, along with extraordinary circumstances to stop or delay the use of Categorical Exclusions for permitting.

Our coalition is creating a Pledge Form with a mission statement, an Action plan, with goals and objectives, and we are developing an official name. Also, we are building information cards, flyers, posters and banners .

  • Consider ways to change public perception of cattle production on public lands [donate to needs important to the citizens of our state - Education, VA, etc., after cattle sales.]

Cattlemen and Cattlewomen, and Cowbelles how will you support us?

(Education; Data for Reports on harms to our health, safety, and economic stability; Funding; Rally Support; Research; Provide suggestions/ideas/solutions; Contact public officials; Contact other groups/associations/organizations; FOIA.)

Thank You!

Please email carrie.robbs@gmail.com or ceppler59@gmail.com for further information and to join the email list.

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